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Justin Michael Ingerman was born to Brad and Laurie Ingerman in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania on May 18th, 1985. Two years later, he became an older brother to his sister Danielle. From an early age Justin showed both promise and passion. Whether it was sports, art, or his studies in school, Justin was always at the forefront. By the time he reached young adulthood Justin’s love of life and desire to learn distinguished him from many of his peers. He loved politics and debate, and had a deep interest in world history, but what Justin enjoyed most was to be surrounded by intelligent and thought-provoking people. Justin was so engaged and engaging, and the impact that he had on so many different people will never be forgotten. This website was built as a tribute to Justin and all of the wonderful bonds that he had created throughout his too-brief time with us. Justin’s memory and presence live on here through the remembrances of family and friends that were so dear to him.