1. Toni Anastasia

    Hi. I never met your loved one or anyone in your family. But I can certainly empathize with you and feel your loss. Ever since I lost my son Todd, I feel everyone else’s loss deeply – it’s just not some words I read. This is because we’ve experienced the same feelings of loss and emptiness and missing our loved one. My son was born with Down Syndrome but he was a real regular kid. I think it’s because my daughter and son and I treated him like he didn’t have any disability and his brother let him hang out in his room with his friends, playing music and joking late into the evening. Todd always made them laugh. He made us all laugh. When he died in January, 2015, I thought I would die with him. We needed each other so much. I, unfortunately, have no grandchildren, so he was like my forever child. I can tell from the pictures and what has been said about Justin that he was deeply loved and that he loved deeply. Ever since Todd’s death, I feel other people’s loss as if it were my own. And I totally understand the saying, “the price of love is grief”.
    In closing, I hope that your memories of Justin bring you peace and who knows, perhaps Todd is making Justin laugh as he made us laugh.
    Peace to you. Toni Anastasia.

  2. barbara vorhies

    so young and sad to loose a child my heart goes out to the family,I didnt know him but his memorial picture saddened my heart Ive lost brothers but my mom always sad t so heart breaking always to loose a child my sincere sympathy to the family,Im sure its like yesterday I hope you all can find some peace within Sncerely Barbara

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