1. Barbara D Oglesby

    justin ingerman i dont know you, never seen you before but the one thing i do know is how much you have been missed,loved,and respected by your peers and love ones may you dance with joy for the impact you left behind. your memory lives in them daily. that is another good thing i can say, in not knowing you they all seem to have been touched by an angel and guess who the angel is (you). for what i see from them to you may you always rest in peace my friend. signed not knowing you,
    but knowing enought.

  2. Linda Lieber

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this precious young man, Justin Ingerman. I did not have the honor of knowing Justin or his family, but his story has touched my heart very deeply. My daughter was born one year after Justin, and as a mother I can only imagine the heartbreak felt by his loved ones. Please know you are all in my prayers and I beg The Lord to Comfort You as only He can. Rest In Peace Justin….God Bless.

  3. Junuk Lee

    Thanks Justin for rethinking about the life. I read and saw all in this amazing and beautiful website. Your father’s company, Ingerman, gave me a lot of hope. I will tell this story to my children.

  4. Samuel Heed

    Amanda’s thoughts capture well my own — the memories of Justin never fade and the conversations WITH him continue. The photos of him bring a smile — always — and I miss his him.

    Best wishes to all.

  5. Amanda

    Thinking of Justin today and every day. Every day that passes, I have more to tell him, more to talk about and debate with him. I am desperate to sit down for dinner at the Greenhouse and hear Justin’s theories on the missing plane, or how he thinks JFK or FDR would handle the situation in Ukraine. There is nothing I want more than a Justin hug and one of his big smooches on the cheek. March 18, 2009 feels like yesterday, and also like another lifetime, but my memories with Justin will never fade, and today they are as strong in my mind as ever. Sending all my love to the friends and family that he lived for and loved with all his heart.

  6. Doug Avart

    Justin, 5 years have passed and every day something reminds me of you. Whether it is my new shoe keychain, the white wristband that adorns the rearview mirror of my car or the GnR song that came on the radio on my way to work this morning. It is nice to have subtle reminders of one of my best friends.

    We would watch Kickboxer on the laser disc player, jump on the trampoline, play basketball in the basement, or smack tennis balls as far as we could outside. Your competitiveness and intellect kept me on my toes and my strive to keep up with you would eventually desist as I came to realize your energy was unmatched.

    My high school social life revolved around you, as did many of our friends. Your house was home base and you never had a shortage of ideas for what we should be getting into. It was your leadership and fun-loving attitude that had me gravitating towards you from an early age.

    We love and miss you!

  7. Bari Cohn

    The last five years have gone by so quickly with so many family dinners and holidays that were not the same without Justin and his witty, intellectual and spirited conversations. He would be so proud of his sisters accomplishments. Danielle graduating from college and working on her master’s degree. He would be so happy that his sister found a great guy. His cousin, Tara got married this year and we actually got Brad on a cruise ship (kicking and screaming all the way) to do a destination wedding. The wedding was so wonderful but we really missed Justin not physically being there. We hope he was there in spirit. We miss you!

  8. Danielle Ingerman

    One of my last and best memories I have with my brother, Justin, was on our last thanksgiving break together. He had just come back from his first couple of months of law school at Brooklyn Law, which were tough, and he really wanted to de-stress. For the first time in our lives he actually wanted to hang out and go out with me. I have to say I was thrilled even being 20 at the time. We went to dinner and then out to a local bar with a couple of my girlfriends and on the way there sang “rosalita” by bruce springsteen at the top of our lungs. It was one of the first times I truly felt that my brother wasn’t just my brother, but also my friend. It’s a memory I hold dear to my heart. I can still see him playing air guitar to dave matthews band in his towel out of the shower. Missing him always.

  9. David Gevurtz

    Emailing with some of the crew today about upcoming shows in Atlantic City really made me think about JMI. Apparently the only acts lining up to play Caesar’s, Tropicana, etc are classic 80s bands and solo artists. Summer down the shore with some Peter Gabriel, Huey Lewis and the News, etc blasting is all Justin…

    • Anonymous

      Like the night front row tickets fell into my lap for don henley but j didn’t pick up His phone as usual until the next day saying he would 100% join but had already missed the concert. Peter Gabriel this Saturday wish I had my buddy to go with bc no one else has such a high regard for the legend.

  10. Maria Buckley

    I had the good fortune of working closely with Justin during his year at The Ingerman Group. I have worked for Brad for nearly 10 years and have been a integral part of the development team through ups and downs. Working through various deadlines and high stress times definitely makes for a certain comraderie at work. We are a tight-knit team. When Justin came to work here he fit right in, asked lots of questions, worked hard and diligently, and endeared himself to all we work with outside of the office. He certainly made our tigh-knit team a better one. I truly cherish the time we got to spend with Justin. He was passionate about our work, and he was fun to be around. I still have a bunch of emails from Justin in my archive folder. Sometimes I will be looking for an old file or something and stumble upon these emails. I’ll share a fun one, wherein he was pursuading our CFO to switch from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts coffee for the office. He was often making us smile:

    “After many years of struggle and oppression at the hands of the Starbucks Empire, the time has come to declare our independence. Many have died for this cause already, most unknowingly. And so, with the spirits of brethren past and the whipping winds of change at our backs, we issue this decree. To achieve our manifest destiny, as pleasant morning people and productive employees, we must sweep this soggy, sterile, and syrupy giant from Seattle out of power. In its place we shall erect a democratic system, a republic, where the discontented voices of the many shall never be muted in favor of the pleasing of the powerful few. Let today, the 30th of April 2008, forever be remembered as the day when a passionate band of patriots stood together and tossed aside the shackles of sludge in favor of the delicious goodness of Dunkin Donuts. Let Freedom Ring”.

    And I’ll share this feel-good email – we had just had the grand opening of New Hope Community, a large multi-phased, HUD-financed family development that literally transformed the City of Pleasantville, NJ. Justin was a big help on this project, and he sent this to the entire office:

    “We received a well deserved pat on the back tonight from the good people at NBC 40. Please take a moment to watch the “TOP STORY” on this evening’s broadcast as seen by thousands of households in South Jersey. All too often the stresses and strains of the process cause us to lose sight of the incredible impact our labor has on working class families across the Mid-Atlantic. In the weeks to come we will be re-launching our website with a modern user friendly format stocked with videos just like this one. This new site will hopefully be the first of many moves to paint the real picture of who we are, what we do, and where we are going. Thanks to everyone for making communities like New Hope, and true stories like this, a reality”.

    Justin made an indelible mark on us all. He was such a joy to work with. The whole office grew to love him and appreciate his candor, his charm and his big heart. We talk about him all the time, and I will never forget him.

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